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Our end-to-end
branding process

Phase 1

Brand Strategy & Copywriting

End Goal: Clarity on who you are, what you offer and how you communicate

Speak clearly and they’ll listen. Want to build a brand that consumers actually pay attention to? Establishing your story, your strategy, and your tone is non-negotiable. Our strategy and copywriting service will see us deep-dive into the very psyche of your brand, leaving you with comprehensive guidelines that we’ll roll out across web, print & other marketing collateral of your choosing.


Competitor Analysis
Brand Strategy Workshop
Brand Positioning
Brand & Tone of Voice Guidelines

Phase 2

Branding & Design

End Goal: A striking brand identity to really get you noticed (and loved)

Story and communication perfected, phase two will see us creating a visual identity just as powerful. Harnessing the strategic work and insights gathered so far, we’ll craft a visual representation of your brand. Creating a color palette, and deciding on typographies that fit; we’ll work with you to explore different directions for your brand identity before landing on ‘the one’.


Creative Direction 
Typography & Color Palette
Brand & Social Media Feed Guidelines

Phase 3

Website Design & Development

End Goal: Fully designed & optimized website built to drive brand awareness, inquiries & conversions
TIMELINE: 2 weeks

Now it’s time to bring your digital presence to life. Kicking off with an analysis of your competitors and wider industry landscape, we’ll build on insights gathered in phases one and two to create a structured plan for your website, which we'll present back to you for approval. With all stakeholders aligned, we’ll commence the development of your fully bespoke, responsive website.


Competitor Research & Analysis
Bespoke Website Design & Development
Fully Responsive Design
User Testing
Third-Party Tool Integration 
Site Management Tutorial

On-Site SEO



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Book a discovery call with us


Select a plan that's right for you

Phase 4

Video & Photography

End Goal: Stunning visual marketing assets to elevate your brand in the eyes of your dream client
TIMELINE: 1 week

With a background in wedding videography, we've forged our way into implementing top-tier production and post-production gear, equipment, software, and that extra design magic. That’s why we can deliver outstanding visual assets as part of any branding project, with ease.


Website Hero Video Editing (Gathered from your Business)
Bespoke Video Storyboarding & Live Shoot
Website Photography Sourcing
Website Photography Shoot (Bespoke)
Social Media Teaser Videos

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